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Nippon Kobudou Iai Kenkyuukai Jyuushinnjyuku Bains Dojyo

Dr Raghpat S. Bains (4rd Dan, ZNKR) studied the classical Yamauchi-ha style for 11 years in Japan under the guidance of Masayoshi Honda Sensei (Yamauchi-ha Menkyo Kaiden, 7th Dan, ZNKR) and Norikazu Iwata (authority on Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, holder of two menkyo kaiden, and hachidan hanshi, ZNKR).

In addition to using swords I places great emphasis on using the bokken to fully clarify the inner meanings of the techniques. Iaido is not just fancy kata where the Iaidoka just cuts air, the students are taught how to control the opponent(s) cutting stroke(s) to ones advantage. In this respect I teach from a 'Iaijutsu' perspective.

As in all arts, nothing supplements a hard workout - so be prepared to be pushed to the limits!!

Current Training Location(Map): From 5th April 2013 at King's Rochester Sports Centre, 601 Maidstone Road, Rochester, Kent ME1 3QJ, UK.

Training times: Friday's 8pm - 10pm (varies)

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Tel(mobile): +44 (0)7780003451